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spacer Bob Leuci, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1998
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Terry McDonell, San Simeon, CA

Terry has a different recollection of this, but Jann Wenner once tried to hire both of us to be editor of Rolling Stone – at the same time. My recollection, which I believe is not as hazy as Jann’s was at the time, is that I had met with Jann in New York and he had offered me the job. I said I would think about it and get back to him in a week. A few days later, I got a call from Jann, telling me that he couldn’t really remember the details of our conversation, but feared he had offered me a job he had just given to someone else: Terry McDonell, who had started Outside magazine with Will Hearst. “I’ve asked Terry to fly down to Washington to meet with you,” Jann said. “You two work it out” – something only Jann could get away with suggesting. Terry and I had breakfast at the Florida Avenue Grill in DC. I told him that, despite my fondness for Jann and Rolling Stone (I had been a frequent contributor), I didn’t really think I wanted to work for someone who couldn’t remember little details like this. This image was shot at a lunch break on a Memorial Day weekend trail ride at San Simeon hosted by Will Hearst.

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